Consent String Decoder: FAQ

What is this site?

With the introduction of the GDPR and CCPA, marketers and advertisers have widely adopted IAB standards to communicate user consent and permission preferences. This is a simple site intended to make it easier to troubleshoot and debug consent strings.

How do I obtain a consent string?

You may already have a consent string handy. If not, you'll need to visit a website with running a Consent Management Platform (CMP), open Developer Tools, and enter the following:

        __tcfapi('getTCData', 2, (tcData, success) => {
          if(success) {
            console.log('Consent string is '+ tcData.tcString);
          } else {
            console.log('Issue obtaining consent string.');

How do you parse consent strings?

Depends on which standard!

API Access

You can access consent string parsing programmatically through a simple interface on this site.


Does the IAB run this site? Do they support it?

Nope! Hopefully lowering the bar to understand consent signals is a net positive for the IAB, but there is no formal relationship.

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